"Personal Item Decals"
Reduce the spread of virus in your home by labeling each family member's personal belongings

Water Bottle


Pens & Pencils



1 Set Consists Of 10 Decals

The virus is spread through micro-droplets of saliva and mucus that sticks to almost everything that we use at home. And at the rate it's going, anyone can contract the dreaded disease.

So, protect your family and make sure your water bottle, pens, utensils, plate, glasses, and other personal belongings don't get mixed up with theirs and vice versa.

Whether you are staying at home or part of those in "essential services" and helping the many people in our Country....putting your name on your personal items has never been more important!
Prevention is always better than cure. 

Helping Kids Understanding Germs! Watch video below!

Special thanks to Kelly Rose Sarno for her video demonstration!

  • ¬†Choose your background color
  • ¬†Personalize with your name
  • ¬†Choose your icon (sport, emoji, icon)

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This has been a crazy last two weeks. All hockey, baseball, & soccer decal orders have been either cancelled or on hold. 

Strangely enough, in the last week our production has included requests for personalize product decals from families at home, trades people wanting their tools clearly marked to even a nurse that wanted decals for her lunch container, her pen, clipboard and stethoscope!  
Q: Can you clean the decals?
You bet! All decals are laminated making them water and scratch resistant. To sanitize simply wipe clean with your cleaning solution. All decals are also dishwasher friendly.
Q: Are they durable?
Yes!  At Stinky Lockers we use a 3M Vinyl and then apply a lamination to the vinyl. 
Q: Can we order more than 5 sets for family and friends?
Yes! To order more, simply complete the order form and complete a second order. Want to send them as a gift to a family or friend that's self-isolated? No problem, simple complete the order form with their shipping address.
Q: How many decals in a set? 
Each set consists of 10 decals and can be personalized with your name, favorite color and sport icon or emoji.
About Stinky Lockers
At Stinky Lockers we are a family owned business that just LOVES this crazy game of Hockey. Having 4 kids that played this game, we are no stranger to bacteria and the smell of hockey gear.  
We have stressed for years the importance of having your own name on your water bottle. Today it's even more important to get your name on your personal items. Let us help you reduce the risk of transmission with our custom personal item decals.
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