"WALL of FAME Medal Mount"
Display Your Achievements With Pride
Start Your Own WALL OF FAME

Hockey Medal Wall Mount

EXCLUSIVE! Unique design with mounting hardware permits you to display up to 40 standard medals like a pro

STRONG! Mount comes with includes acrylic spacer makes it easier to allows you to slide medals on and off the mount - Immediately  

DOES THE TRICK! Stylish & Fun and allows you to get those medals out of the junk drawer and on the wall! ... faster and easier than ever before .

EXCEPTIONAL! Black Elegant Design fits into the decor of any bedroom or games room - Fast

Save over 30% from our regular price.
Our Wall of Fame-Hockey Mount is for every child who has received a medal. Do you have those medals in a box or dresser drawer, but can't find a place to put them?
Here is the huge problem you face right now; you have so many medals and nowhere to display them. 

What makes this even worse is the fact that putting them on door knobs, bedposts etc. is not ideal and they tend to scratch the walls and doors!  Typically, most medals are scattered all over the place and we can never really appreciate all of your child's accomplishments and achievements. 

And, worst of all, many kids with medals can't get past the idea that you just have no way of displaying all their medals. 

All this can make trying to display all your medals a nightmare! But luckily for you, there's now a solution!

So, if your player has started their medal collection and they have found the dresser draw or the junk-drawer, and you can't find a place to display them, the "Wall of Fame-Hockey Mount" is the answer you've been looking for!

You've waited long enough. Teach your kids to be proud of their accomplishment! Order Now!

Wait til you see your child's face as they beam with pride as they organize & re-organize their medals on the wall.

Comes with mounting hardware and acrylic spacer. Easily slide your medals on and off your Medal Mount!

  • 11" Hanger Holds up to 40 Standard Medals
  • 1/4" Black Acrylic
  • Great Year End Team Gift Item
  • ​Mounts Easily on any wall

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Start Your Own "Wall of Fame!" 
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